Houston Permitting Center

Cool art? In a public administration building? In Houston?

Yes. According to this review in the Houston Press, the Permitting Center included large and vibrant art in its budget. Yay bureaucrats!

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Drew McMillian said...

I'm so happy you posted about this! My grandma was the city's client rep on this project and I've been working with the project architect for the past year or so, so I've been involved with this building for a while. The building has gotten some attention, but the art hasn't gotten so much even though some of the city's most notable artists were involved. The art in the building (and the building itself) are fantastic, and I would definitely go to check it out if you haven’t (although people look at you funny when you come to look at art while they wait for permit approvals). It’s great that the word is getting out about this project, hopefully it will encourage the city to continue in the same direction on future projects.