Francis Bacon at the Met

Here's Slate's slide show. Here's one from the NY Times. Here's an essay on Artnet.

Personal note: I remember writing an elegy for Bacon when he died in '92, my senior year of high school. The poem is long gone, but I'm quite sure it was horrible.

Great ceilings

I've seen two of the ten.

Dying medieval paintings in Spain

These may be restored, but it's not certain yet.

Please return textbooks

Please return your textbooks, AP study guides, and CDs to me as soon as possible. Also remember my offer to buy 12th edition, 1st volume for $10 a copy.

Renzo Piano

The Menil Collection is Renzo Piano's first American building. This was his big splash last year. And this is his latest.

What were you doing when you were 12?

Apparently, this is what Michelangelo was doing. And it will soon be in Texas, permanently.


Hatin' on Timothy--playa or otherwise--is now acceptable again.


I'm going to have to demand that there be no more playa-hatin' on Timothy, at least for the next few days.