A new president, a new White House

An excerpt from winners of a design contest asking contestants to re-imagine the White House. My favorite is the concept of many White Houses throughout the city.

To be honest, I thought he'd been dead for a while

The New York Times's obituary had a paragraph about a news event, Andrew Wyeth's death, and then a few pages of pre-fab summary.

Slate's Timothy Noah writes a piece a bit more personal and topical.

A tour of the National Gallery

The Times isn't content to just tell you to visit the National Gallery while you're in DC. It takes you on a guided tour.


The Prado is using Google Earth to map some of their famous paintings. You can get near microscopic clarity on any part of the works.

I especially love the complicated math of the story: "The Google Earth images have a resolution of 14,000 megapixels, some 1,400 times greater than a picture taken on a standard 10 megapixel camera." Ya think?

Rembrandt and Recession

There's been a lot written about how our current economic troubles are affecting today's art market and artists. Here's an essay about how a Dutch economic collapse influence Rembrandt, and about how our current situation changes the way we can see his--and change the way we see his paintings.

Philip Perlstein

I'm not familiar with this artist. What do y'all think?