High-quality fake Van Goghs

I know where you can purchase a high-tech 3-D replica of a Van Gogh painting that is "pretty indistinguishable" from the original. The interesting thing? It's the Van Gogh Museum who is selling the replicas.

Good Art and Marginal Utility

One study suggests that we appreciate good art more with repeated exposure, but we appreciate bad art less with repeated exposure. It must be true--or at least scientificish--because it's in The Economist.

Mo' Money

Oh, so this is what "labels" are for. I know I've shared a number of art works dealing with cash, but I don't remember which ones, or when. Anyway, here's another cool cash artist: Mark Wagner makes very intricate collages out of bills.

Amazon.com Art

No matter if you applaud, condemn, or shrug off the commodification of art, there's no longer any use denying that art has become a commodity: it's got an Amazon.com store. It launched in beta form about a week ago. Happy shopping!