The uncanniest of valleys

Jordan Wolfson, Female Figure.

And yes, you read the description correctly: it has face-recognition software to seek out viewers' faces, look them in the eye, and speak to them.

In case any Bill Murray fans read this blog

So, Bill Murray played professional baseball one summer? For a team run by an artist? And it got filmed for an SNL special? Read the oral history here.

Quote of the Week

"...if you want to make out in the name of art, you're going to have to get an appointment."

The You Museum

This is beautiful. This is funny. This is scary. Charmingly scary? I won't sign up, but I'll tell you about it in case you want to.

Obligatory Superbowl post

I didn't watch the game (but I did watch the halftime show), but I know that it's going to be the main topic of conversation for another day or two. So why not see some Superbowl players photoshopped into Old Master paintings? It will be fun, I promise.