I'm not sure if it qualifies as art...

...but Pocoyo is my favorite kids show ever. We watch a few episodes a day at our house (each is only seven minutes). No matter your age, consider checking it out.

More Oops!

The Daily Beast has a slide show of other art accidents. Make sure you get to the teddy bears.


A woman accidentaly fell into a Picasso painting at the Met Friday. It will undergo surgery.

Even Art Folks Get Into the Superbowl

The directors of the Indianapolis and New Orleans museums of art are wagering art works on the game. Well, loans of art works.

I'm not an art lover, I'm an art, lover!

What do Jay-Z, Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami, and Jean-Michel Basquiat have in common? Read this essay to find out.


Personal note: we start Power of Art next week. I fear Art History 2.0 will not be as fanatical about Simon Schama as 1.0, and I fear it will make me like them less. There, I said it.

Because it's cold, yo!

Apparently it's even colder in England. And they're carrying on as they always do: by complaining about transportation and talking about art.

Here and here are two articles on snow in art. Enjoy, and stay warm.