These great photos of superheroes, Star Wars characters, and fairy tale protagonists have been quite the viral phenomenon this week. Please allow me to add to the hype.

Some art is REALLY hard to interpret

"Kryptos" is a sculpture put up at the entrance to the CIA headquarters in 1990. It has four coded messages in it, and one of them--after 24 years outside the CIA building--has yet to be deciphered. The sculptor released a few more clues this month to help people along.

Needle in a haystack

While Marina Abramovic is the most famous performance artist who works with endurance and patience, she isn't the only one.

Last week Italian Artist Sven Sachsalber spent almost 24 hours finding a needle hidden a haystack. Literally.

Les Diners de Gala

Of course Salvador Dali wrote a cookbook. I shouldn't have been surprised about that. And apparently a signed copy just sold for a few thousand dollars.

Art in Film

This tumblr tracks the art in movies and television. As in the art in the background. Some are real works used in the background, and many are art works made for the film. It's kind of fun to look through. Warning: there are a few images that aren't exactly classroom appropriate, but for the most pat it's pretty clean. Mostly.

Ceramics Masters

Thanks to Connor for passing this along. It's NOT the same method that produced the Macy Jug we looked at last week, but it's pretty cool nonetheless.

Learn those Islamic structures while you can

Among other atrocities, ISIS is destroying mausoleums, Christian churches, and other structures it finds idolatrous.

If Cindy Sherman made family portraits

They would probably look a lot like this.

Want to live in a Mondrian world?

Use this map builder, and click on "Mondrian" in the "Snazzy Map Theme" on the bottom left.

Classical sculpture in color

We know that ancient Greek and Roman sculpture was painted, but what did it look like? A group in Copenhagen uses high-tech tools to determine what kinds of pigments were used, and they've put on an exhibition of re-color-ized sculptures for a more accurate look at Greece and Rome.