A new blue

Wherever Yves Klein is hanging out, he must be sad to have missed this--a surprising blue pigment, fresh out of the lab.

Tromp L'oeil, both old-school and new

The New York Times reviews an exhibit of tromp l'oeil paintings from the ancient to the contemporary, while New Scientist looks at "Augmented Reality" technology as a new form of the old trick.

Roman painting

The Independent takes up the question: is the Roman painting we have as good as it got?

Amateur art criticism, in a nutshell

Check out the Andy Warhol Polaroids of sports stars, but mostly take the time to read the comments.

The best one (comment, that is) reminds us that the photos were taken over 15 years. The reader doesn't belabor the point, just reminds us of the control and discipline necessary to make the images seem so well-connected.

Jeanne-Claude, 1935-2009

This makes me quite sad. (Update: here's a gallery of more of her work.)

Bayeux Tapestry

Here's the amazing video I was telling you about but not showing.

And here is a place to make your own Bayeux Tapestry scenes. Thanks to Avery for the heads-up; I didn't know anything about these.

Reading List

A local AP Art History teacher is compiling a list of resources to share with teachers and students. He's soliciting help from all the teachers on teh College Board e-mail list, so it should get bigger and better soon. Check it now and then.

"Street Art", meet street art

While a city was voting to make an exception to their grafitti zero-tolerance policy concerning a Bansky "mural," taggers defaced it. Literally--while the vote was going on.

Van Gogh now online

And in English!

An Art History-English combo!

The new show at the Morgan Museum and Library: Jane Austen.