New Media

Canvas is so last century. Check out these artists' works on yoga mats.

The shape of fancy

Check out this funny, fascinating podcast on a simple shape that shows up everywhere.

"Colonized by Christians and hipster shoes"


Does the vandalism/repurposing of Prada Marfa count as an "art attack"? Not in my mind, though differentiating this attack/project from the Menil attack/project relies on some subtle distinctions.

It turns out that the vandal/artist has left a manifesto and made comments about the attack on Prada Marfa. I'm not sure it makes a lot of sense, but it does have at least one wonderful phrase that I'll be repeating a lot: "they have been colonized by Christians and hipster shoes."

What Uriel Landeros, Maximo Caminero, and 927 1977 have in common is that they're all younger, "local" artists attacking the works of older (or deader in the case of Picasso), "international" artists. Is this going to be a trend? Is this already a trend? Is there art-historical precedent for artists physically attacking others' art?

Decades of joy, some involving meat

Carolee Schneemann, an influential artist and instigator since the '60s, now has a major respective in London.

New government grants

Here's an interesting piece on a new and exciting government program to help bolster the arts in America. I wonder if they'll open it up to "bloggers" soon?

That's no slingshot

The Italian government and art establishment seem pretty upset over this American gun advertisement featuring Michelangelo's most famous sculpture and a really big gun. Italy claims this is absolutely illegal, though I'm not sure how strong the claim is.