A great new T-Swift video

In a commentary on the intersections of the art industry, celebrity culture, and pop sensibilities, Pop Culture Pirate made a mashup of clips from Jay-Z's performance art piece Picasso Baby and Taylor Swift's song "22."

More than cynical or critical, the video just seems fun. My thoughts about both Swift and Jay-Z are something we can talk about in person. I'm happy to discuss either.

Thanks to Hyperallergic for spreading the video.

Art on the East End

I admit that I rarely leave my own neighborhood, and I'v almost never been east of downtown. But the Houston Arts Alliance is trying to change that with several months of Transported + Renewed. I'm excited to see how all this turns out!

Art Attack at the Whitney

This time the vandal/artist didn't affect any of the art, just a blank wall in the Jeff Koons retrospective. The assumed vandal has a history of putting his mark on gallery walls--in his own blood.

Want to hear a rap song about the Menil?

Of course you do. Yes, you do.

iTunes--The Black Guys--"The Menil Song"

Here's some context, but just listen to the song first.

Life after forgery

In this short interview piece, a famous art forger John Myatt describes what his life is like now. Mostly, he paints. The most interesting tidbit: his first commissions after getting out of jail were from the police officer who arrested him and the barristers who worked on his case. He also says there are still about 120 of his fakes out there, and he doesn't plan on identifying them.

Suave Salvador

It's supposed to be about the art and not the biography or antics of the artist blah blah blah....Please look at these photos and be reminded how stylish, handsome, and fun Salvador Dali was.