Coming to a theater near you?

The giant, sold-out, scalper-worthy Leonardo da Vinci show in London is going to show in movie theaters throughout the world.

A Pandora for art

This Wired article is about a service for art that works a lot like Pandora does for music. You can take a picture--or describe in words--an art work you like, and it recommends others that share similar traits. Interesting fact: the article claims that art sales are greater than music sales, they just are among a much smaller group of people.

Mo' Money

I've documented a few examples of artists using money--either literally or in representation--as their subject. John Baldessari joins the game with this billboard on the High Line. The $100,000 bill was actually printed, but never circulated.

"Another Lecture 2011"

Everything you need to know in order to sound like an architect is here in this short video.

Or, if that isn't your thing, here is artist Nathan Coley (and actress Cate Blanchett) making fun of pretentious architecture talk.