I thought this would be another fluff piece on people who vandalize art. It's definitely about vandalism, but not quite as fluffy. It goes well with today's talk about iconoclasm.

Note: for the contemporary artists/vandals, ART stands as the religion that the art pieces violate. How meta-fun!

It's not about the urinal (it's about evolution?)

I just came across this essay from last week.

Question: how much do we even trust the idea of "craftsmanship" when so much of our reality is mass-produced? Duchamp may have had this question in mind. Warhol definitely did, and this essay and those like it do not quite address it.

Follow-up question: how come only past APAH students read this and not current ones?

What's her name?

Slate explains how Renaissance paintings get their titles.

Another view of the Fourth Plinth

The Guardian's Jonathan Jones points out something that we wouldn't notice: you can't really see the Plinthers very well if you're actually at the plinth. I find the fact that he considers the web-cam portion of the project ancillary and so easily dismissed surprising.