I'm beginning to get upset I don't still live in Dallas

I've been watching the Arts District get better all my life, and now when it's hitting its prime? I'm elsewhere.

3-d tour of Karnak

This site has 3-d wideo animation of the development of the Karnak tombs and temples. It's fun stuff.

Time to rewrite chapter 16

A treasure hunter with a metal detector has, according to experts, changed the way we view Anglo-Saxon culture.

It seems everybody gets an opera these days

First Rufus Wainwright pens an opera. Then Ikea hosts an opera about...Ikea. And now there's an opera about Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. I'm beginning to feel a little left out that I am not the star and/or subject of an opera.

Fancy new building coming to Dallas

Have you been to Dallas lately? They've got a handful of fancy new buildings by big-name architects. Worth a visit.

Damien Hirst wants you!

If you happen to have an identical twin you can bring along.

Listen up

A factual account of Van Gogh's ear. You know the one I mean.

Gangsta cartoon characters

This perfectly illustrates the difference between "I've always wondered about that" and "I researched, theorized, and made a compelling photo essay about that."