Fourth Plinth Project

I forgot what a plinth is and had to look it up, but this is a crazy-beautiful idea: peformers of all types and genres will be atop a plinth in Trafalgar Square, one at a time, until October 14. Someone will be up there 24 hours a day. There's also 24-hour live web coverage. I'll be following this. Here is a better explanation.

Louvre now available in English

The catalog, that is. Here is another article about it.

Artists really are crazy?

This article says maybe.

That sneaky College Board

Remember the Guggenheim/Guggenheim question on the AP exam? At the AP conference this week, a member of the test development committee said that they photoshopped "Guggenheim Museum" out of the New York photo. Otherwise, they felt, the "Both of these buildings are museums" question would be a little too easy.

"Bona fide art salami"

It seems we're still testing Duchamp's simple-enough statement that it is art because I say it is.

Worth the work

This article in the Times doesn't include photos of buildings, but if you follow along with Google images, it's quite rewarding.