It's ok to change your mind

But before you do, read this article on major art critics who have changed their minds and what they have to say about the process.

Slow Art Day

I just learned about Slow Art Day, which is April 27 this year. There's also a Tumblr with good photos. Two things I notice about the Tumblr immediately: they seem to really like fun and lighthearted art; they post often, averaging 60 per week. I'll follow it for a while and see what I think.

Photos of the world's coolest bridges

Ok, so maybe this isn't what the bridges actually look like here on the ground. But Clement Valla finds places where Google Earth's satellite imagery doesn't match up with the aerial photography and makes weird anomalies.

Another Attack

Unfortunately, it's time to follow another example of my favorite(ish) topic: art attacks. A woman wrote something with a marker pen onto Liberty Leading the People this week in France. The 28-year-old woman was immediately apprehended, and the "superficial" graffiti has already been removed. The woman was described as being possibly "unstable" and is being evaluated. It seems she scribbled "AE911" onto the painting, a reference to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Nude Male Art

A museum in Germany is doing a show on the topic of nude males in art. A nudist group asked the museum to open the museum for a nudist audience, and the museum said Why Not?  Good for them. But I'm assuming they won't be organizing a show on serial killers in art, just in case.

The ABCs of Architects

I'm not sure how informative this video actually is, but it's awfully fun.