Unapologetic bragging

Yesterday I got to tour the Treasure Rooms at the Menil. Well, four out of five of them. They are even more amazing and magical than I expected.

My host was a friend and former Carnegie student who now works at the Menil. I often remind students that they're there 10% for their education and 90% for my entertainment. That holds true after graduation as well.

The finest of art...on Failblog

David Irvine paints pop culture characters into thrift store prints and paintings. Unlike similar jokes that are all-digital, Irvine makes physical, individual new works out of the old ones. And yes, I saw it first on Failblog.


Guys, listen to or read this podcast about the red AIDS awareness ribbons. It teaches us a lot about AIDS in America in the 80s and early 90s. It also teaches us a lot about the birth of the now-ubiquitous awareness ribbons (hint: artists!).

Breaking my own rules

I don't want this to be a space for arbitrary pronouncements of The Best, listicles, or clickbait.

But hey, it's summer.

So if you want art you experience in the cool of your own home, check out this list of The 10 Most Beautiful Movies. I've only seen four of them, but I can vouch for their beauty.

Take your medicine

These funny pill packets by Dana Wyse remind me of the silly, kitschy gums they sell at the candy store. Only these have more of an edge to them.

Restoring a centuries-old painting

The Met has a really nice video about the restoration process they used with a Charles LeBrun painting from 1660.