In more "not exactly art, but..." news

A Texas police sketch of a mugging suspect is now making the international news rounds as "The Worst Police Sketch of All Time."

I won't be the first or last to immediately think of the botched Jesus restoration.

Rice Design Alliance Lectures

I won't be able to attend any of these lectures because of schedule conflicts, but I wish I could. If you're available any of these Wednesdays, please consider it.

Galatea in the Window

Sure, store mannequins aren't Art. But since they deal with idealized bodies, gazing, and a careful balancing of the both the patrons' and audience's social needs, they aren't as far away from Art as they may initially seem.

I guess I assumed that store mannequins are pretty much the same all over the world, originating from the same Chinese factories and pushing American media ideals. I was wrong.

New Frank Lloyd Wright house in Arkansas

Of course not. Wright's been dead for decades. However, the Crystal Bridges Museum has bought a Wright house that's in danger of major damage from continuing floods, and they're moving the thing to their museum site in Arkansas.

When I saw this news I immediately thought of the Curating Project we do in class and how many students want to include large buildings as part of the exhibit. You're not the only ones, it seems.

Stainless, Shinjuku

It's like an 11-minute meditation on humanity and our shared experience. What it is, literally, is a pass through a subway station shot at very high speed and then played back very slowly. Bobby Solomon at The Fox Is Black calls it "an incredibly engrossing 11 minutes." I'll echo that and say it's a mesmerizing 22 minutes--because you'll watch it twice. It was made by Adam Magyar, and his web site includes videos from several subway stations.

This is what you're supporting when you gamble, kids.

Elaine Wynn, of the super-mega-rich casino Wynns, is apparently the person who paid the record-setting price for the Bacon triptych a few months ago. I had read that the Qatari royal family was the likely secret buyer, but I guess I read the wrong rumors.

Spreading the Virus

So, um, here I am am posting a story I just saw that I think is really interesting. The story begins by noting, in so many words, that pretty much everyone in the world but me has already seen the story. But just in case you're like me and haven't seen it yet: "San Antonio Student's Artwork Goes Viral, Sparks Worldwide Nationalistic Bickering."

Here it is on Reddit.
Here it is in the Daily Mail.
Here it is in The Atlantic.
Here it is on Boing Boing.