Black Women Visual Artists

I'm skeptical of the whole Black History Month concept. I heard a persuasive speaker in high school who contended that--good-intentioned or not--Black History Month reinforces the assumption that other months are Not-Black History month and that Black History isn't History.

I'm also tired--aren't we all--of internet media insisting that numbered lists are the best and only viable format.

Still, I came across this list of "15 Black Women Visual Artists You Should Know," and I'm passing it along anyway. Because I've only heard of two of them, and that's not enough, whatever I think about the timing and formatting.

Art Attack!

A Miami artist picked up, and then dropped, an Ai Wei Wei vase. To make things interesting, please note that he did so next to a giant photograph of Ai Wei Wei...dropping a vase.

Even though the vase is valued at $1 million, Ai Wei Wei's response seemed a little ambivalent.