Surprisingly hypnotic

Adriana Ramic's "Craigslist-assisted Readymade" displays three objects available for free on Craigslist and changes the images every eight seconds.

A primer on what a Readymade is.

Ramic's website is fun. Click here and see what I mean.

More messiness with legal street art

A group in Atlanta commissioned a whole lot of street art, and got--possibly, depending on who you ask--all the proper permits. But that didn't stop a group of residents from coming and painting over the mural.

Advice to young artists

from Marina Abramovic

"But my advice to young artists is to be less selfish. When you arrive at a certain age, you have to give unconditionally. I think young artists should be much less selfish than they are. First of all, you have to know that making art is not about being famous and having money. The art is about a different matter. Fame and money is just a side effect. This you have to get clear in your head.
The second thing you have to figure out is whether you’re an artist or not. People want to be artists for different reasons, but if you have to create then you might make a good artist. And it requires a whole different set of sacrifices. It’s a lonely life. You have to really dedicate yourself completely. You have to be inferior. You have to be in fever, diseased, like it’s the only thing that exists ever.

Then, if you’re a really good artist, you have to learn how to survive in society—not compromising to the market, not creating art pollution in your studio. And there are so many things you have to learn about the business. It’s amazing, my first show ever was in Italy, and it sold out. But I never got a penny. All artists experience the same shit. So you have to kind of stick together and give each other advice. There are very few artists who are actually generous. Robert Rauschenberg was one of them. He created a hospital for artists. He created a kind of bank account if you’re in trouble as a young artist."

Read the entire interview at VICE.

Rice Gallery videos now available

Have you missed some of the past installations at Rice Gallery? They're now all available, on video, on ArtBabble.

On smooth and rough

"The unequivocally completed, clear and polished work of art is an act of authority, presented to the spectator like a gift or a declaration, something requiring acceptance rather than an answering-back. The roughly fashioned, apparently unfinished painting, on the other hand, is more akin to an initiated conversation, a posed question, demanding an engaged response from the beholder for its completion. Smooth artists necessarily take pains to conceal to the utmost any of the revisions and alterations they might have made on the way to the finished object. Rough artists deliberately expose the working process of composition as a way of pulling the spectator further into the image."

Schama, Simon. Rembrandt's Eyes. New York: Random House, 1999. 654.

Christmas gets modernized


Or, at least the public Christmas tree in Brussels.

If you're done pondering Glen Beck

take a look at this lush and personal film on Ed Ruscha.