"Tubes and things"

An article about the installation at a subway station we are unlikely to encounter on our trip.

Wearable Art

A Times story about Calder jewelery.

Flemish Mystery

Here are some names we've seen recently, "The Master of Flemalle and Rogier Van Der Weyden."

Whole Lotta Education

The Arts Journal weblog is running an ongoing debate about arts education this week.

This happens with every economic downturn

A journalist is schocked, shocked! to see the art that his tax dollars pay for. At least this article is local. But a few thoughts:

1. I would hope a professional writer--especially one working hard to question the public value of art--would write better copy than this.

2. At the right of the story, I see that the Most Popular story of the day is "son shoots father in the head," followed by "family terrorized during home invasion," "family mourns boy's death, mom's coma," "deputies in gun battle with suspect," and "suspected street race kills two women." So you see the audience he has to deal with. Maybe Houston art just isn't violent enough for our tastes?

Art tour of New York

The New York Times sent four of their art critics on a tour of the galleries to see what's going on.

Art comedy?

Remind me to show you Tidying Up Art when we get to modernism.

It sounds shocking at first...

...but to be honest, I'm kind of surprised this is the first time I've seen the words "Outhouse turned museum."

I really want to see this show

Joan Miro: Painting and Anti-painting.

I love it when the Guggenheim lightens up

Check out this valentine in the Times. Don't neglect to click on the "Slide show."

And speaking of New York museums, we should do some serious thinking that leads to some serious planning.

Madonna now looks much younger and brighter

No, not that Madonna. Check out the before and after pictures of Raphael's 1506 painting, now restored.

Lots and lots of art in New Orleans

This story claims it's the largest exhibit of contemporary art ever in the US.

Video Game Art

ON_game is a show of art inspired by 80's video games. TRON never dies.

Do you think Banksy cares?

The owner of a wall that Bansky put a mural on will be forced to remove it. That will show him.

Christo is looking desperate

I still hope the Arkansas River project happens. I have faith that he's considered the envirnmental impact of visitors and their cars, but I'm not sure how. Surely, after The Gates, he's got to know that this will be a destination for thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, not just hundreds.

Glamour from TED

A 16-minute lecture on glamour, including in art. Fascinating.

The most expensive artists, both living and dead

Scroll to the bottom of the article for the charts.

The Kimble Art Museum

If you need an excuse to check out the Kimble in Ft. Worth, how about a giant show of impressionist paintings, exclusive to the museum?

But you don't need an excuse. The Kimble is an internationally important museum, it's in a building that is a masterpiece itself, and Ft. Worth is actually a very cool town. So even if you miss this show, check out the Kimble when you get the chance. There will be some great art there, no matter what show is on at the time.