This happens with every economic downturn

A journalist is schocked, shocked! to see the art that his tax dollars pay for. At least this article is local. But a few thoughts:

1. I would hope a professional writer--especially one working hard to question the public value of art--would write better copy than this.

2. At the right of the story, I see that the Most Popular story of the day is "son shoots father in the head," followed by "family terrorized during home invasion," "family mourns boy's death, mom's coma," "deputies in gun battle with suspect," and "suspected street race kills two women." So you see the audience he has to deal with. Maybe Houston art just isn't violent enough for our tastes?

Art tour of New York

The New York Times sent four of their art critics on a tour of the galleries to see what's going on.

Art comedy?

Remind me to show you Tidying Up Art when we get to modernism.

It sounds shocking at first...

...but to be honest, I'm kind of surprised this is the first time I've seen the words "Outhouse turned museum."