Art Through Time

Are you looking to make more thematic connections as a way to prepare for the exam? Have a look at Art Through Time. It's a series of videos--each about 30 minutes--focused on certain themes.

Gettin' Real in Big D

Plenty of local-ish commentators have had a lot to say lately about the thriving art scene in Dallas. But now it's serious: The Economist has picked up the story, focusing on the Dallas Art Fair. It's glossy, expensive, and has cosmopolitan ambitions--perfect for Dallas.

Speaking of Dallas, remember to find time in May to go up and see the Cindy Sherman show. They also have a big Chagall show! You're not doing anything else of importance in May, are you?

Kehinde Wiley

I didn't expect to ever say this, but please read this article in GQ.

Why can't you go to the Louvre this week?


Pickpockets. The museum, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors a day, closed yesterday when a number of staff walked out to protest the proliferation of pickpockets in the museum. They don't know when they'll reopen.

A Jew speaks, both in and out of the box

Here is a follow-up to the "The Whole Truth" exhibit in Germany that has received so much attention. The writer is a journalist who, after visiting the show, signed up to be the "Jew in a Box" for an hour.

A museum's day off


What happens at a museum on the day it's closed? This piece from NPR about Versailles gives us some clues.