If classical music puts you to sleep..

If classical music puts you to sleep, then you might be excited about Max Richter's new piece. "Sleep" is an eight-hour piece (apparently the longest classical composition ever) that's meant to be played while people sleep. The premiere will happen at an overnight performance where the audience will listen in beds, presumably asleep.

(By coincidence, I put on a Richter album last night to help me fall asleep. I can vouch for this guy's talent.)

Really old advice

I know it's June and the time for graduation speeches is over. But consider--no matter when you graduated and at what level--this open letter of advice to the class of 2015. It's advice so old it seems really fresh and interesting.

Suits (almost) as amazing as the paintings

How does Kehinde Wiley get awesome suits that look so similar to the backgrounds of his paintings? Well, he uses material for the suit that he buys to model for the paintings. Check some great ones out here.

Anish Kapoor at Versailles

During the school year I would hesitate to post this link, but if you're reading this now then you're almost certainly a legal adult whose parents aren't going to complain or get me fired or whatever.

Anish Kapoor, he of the monumental sculptural works, is the latest contemporary artist to show at the historic Versailles Palace. And, of course, he's made quite a stir by referring to one sculpture as "the queen's vagina."